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Where Quantity Meets Quality

Smarter LifeStyle Network is a digital out-of-home network that is placed strategically in venues with quality dwell times. Tablets and traditional televisions play customizable health, wellness, and general lifestyle video segments with familiar 30- second commercials throughout.

This combination allows consumers to interact with the brands through the buttons or ads on the tablet, and the brand reaches consumers at the point of consideration.

Smarter LifeStyle Network gives advertisers something new that no other company can offer: brands are literally in the hands of the consumers.

Consumers are called to action and empowered to engage with the content. Coupons, free trial offers, contest entries or requests for more information are all at their fingertips-in a trusted venue.

What would you pay to be in your customers’ hands? Literally.

Key Features:

  • 11.6” interactive tablets
  • Video synced between tablets and TV
  • Traditional :30 Commercial Spot
  • Interactive digital ads
  • Sponsored Content


  • Target consumers by specific demographic in real time
  • Hyper-local content customization
  • 62% ad awareness
  • Data capture
  • 40% improvement in branding and recall of advertisement


  • Over 2000 viewers/venue/month
  • Average wait time = 24 minutes
  • Up to 60% Click Through Rate

• Average Dwell Time = 8 minutes

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