At GenOne Media Group, we believe in giving back to our community.  Whether it is through our work as individuals, or as a company.  It’s the good stuff.  Each employee supports several non profit organizations, and we all believe in donating our time or money to these various organizations that change people’s lives.

We’d like to hear from you–tell us what nonprofit you support, and why.  

Do you know an amazing volunteer?  Share their story.

And we’ll try to share it too–maybe on our network in waiting rooms across the country, or on our social networks or blogs.

smarterlifestyle network go red wear red

 Krista Foster, Amy Wingrove, Kimberly Phillips, all VPs at GenOne Media Group, producer of Smarter LifeStyle Network showed their support for Go Red for Women.

Let’s make a difference.  Let’s motivate others and inspire HOPE.

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