Measurable Results

Did you know that the average wait time could be about 24 minutes?* With a captive audience and attention grabbing content, Smarter LifeStyle Network has high tablet click through rates of up to 30-60%;** geographic, demographic and content segment targeting; audience data collection; product content marketing; promotional initiatives with verifiable audience analytics – all in a controlled content environment.

Control the Conversation

• Median household income of $58,334

• Educated – 57% are college graduates or higher

• 94% of viewers shop the same day as their visit

• 40% improvement in branding and recall of advertisement***

• Adding interactive technologies to a brand campaign increases engagement and message retention

* Source: Averages from Dental, Medical and Beauty Locations. ** Analytics from SLN Venues
*** Research from the following sources:
2015 FONA Market Research and Forbes Magazine,
2016 National Profile of Salon Industry, 2013 Google Analytics, 2014 Comscore, 2014 Mobile App Report, IAB Digital Out of Home Buyers Guide, 2016 Location Trend Report, CMO Insight Series.